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Vector Attention Pack!

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How can you increase conversion rates of your products, and propel your overall business success online?

Easy... by grabbing your website visitor's attention and ASKING them for the sale.

What's the easiest, quickest way to do that?

With Graphics!

I needed attention-getting graphics, so I had a big batch put together by my graphic designer. I needed buttons, headers and banners.

But most important, I needed them to be scalable so I could use them not only on my websites, but on print materials. So I had them done as VECTOR graphics -- they can be made as large as possible.

Finally, I needed them in the most important formats -- ready-to-use PNG graphics... PSD for Photoshop... AI for Illustrator... and PDF so I can load them into other graphics programs and scale them as necessary.

I Got What I Needed... And Now You Can Too!

Package includes:
Set 1: 72 Buttons - 9 Colors, 8 Texts + Blanks
Set 2: 16 Limited Time Offer Heads + Blanks
Set 3: 16 Thanks For Purchase Heads + Blanks
Set 4: 16 "Wait" Banners + Blanks

That's 120 Fully Scalable Vector Graphics In 4 File Types...
You Can Put These To Use This Instant! Increase Sales And
Attention To Your Products And Websites NOW!

This Package Is Not Included Within Any Of Our Major Packages!

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