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Sales Page Lockdown

Safeguard Your Web Pages From Ruthless
Cyber-Thieves Who Are Determined To Rip You Off!

Sales Page Lockdown Makes It Impossible for People to Read & Steal Your Source Code & Other Important Content!

If you’ve done or paid for any significant web design work, you know how much time, energy and money it takes to create a unique and professional-looking web page.

Sales Page Lockdown ensures your pages retain their value and don’t suddenly proliferate all over the web – making it look like you just copied someone else’s design.

Sales Page Lockdown also disables:

  • Text copying via right mouse click

  • Text selection

  • Page printing

  • Offline use

  • Links display

  • And more

Sales Page Lockdown uses strong encryption algorithms to protect your page content and further ensures the safety of that content by requiring you to select a password.

Using these methods, the program will prevent anyone from viewing your source code or stealing your art work.

However, all of your encrypted pages will have the exact same appearance as the original pages and can be viewed in all modern web browsers.

You see, Sales Page Lockdown modifies the source code of a web page making it unreadable and non-editable without changing the way a page looks in a browser.

Here is even more of what Sales Page Lockdown does:

  • Protects your PayPal links

  • Hides your original HTML source code

  • Prevents your images from being copied and used by someone else

  • Creates special password-protected pages

  • Stops right-clicking

  • Stops offline browsing

  • Stops URLs from being displayed in the browser bar

  • Works with any web host

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Real Traffic Not Tricks!

Discover Proven, Effective Methods
For Driving Traffic To Your Website!

Did you know that getting traffic to your website is one of the most important aspects involved in developing a successful online presence?

Without a steady supply of targeted visitors your search engine ranking will never increase, you won't get any exposure for your business and your website will never produce the results you desire.

But the simple fact is that most website owners don't know the first thing about attracting real traffic and visitors to their websites.

"They spend their time trying one tip or trick after another, only to end up lost, confused and frustrated"

The "Real Traffic Not Tricks" course was specifically designed to show even absolute beginners how to use proven, effective techniques to increase traffic to any website. Even if your readers have never thought about the importance of using the time-tested methods discussed in this course as a part of their traffic plan before, they will quickly understand how and why they should start using them right away!



Master The Techniques Of Letter Writing!

Step-By-Step Guide To The Art Of Letter Writing!

In my ten years of corporate experience, I have seen many people get rejected and face failure because they didn't know the art of letter writing. Through years, I have realized how important it is for people to master the art of letter writing, for personal as well as professional life's success. With this aim in mind, I have compiled together the ideas and tips for writing perfect letters into an e-book called "Master The Techniques Of Letter Writing". This e-book acts as a step by step guide to explain you the importance of the tone and presentation while writing letters.

You must be wondering that exactly what can improve your letter writing skills. I would not want you to just go by my words and accept this fact. Glance through the highlights of "Master The Techniques Of Letter Writing" for yourself to understand what you can expect to find inside the e-book. It will also give you an insight on the steps that will help you master the technique of letter writing.



Home Workaholics!

The Modern Internet Business Insight!

In order to work and succeed, just earning money is not enough, you need to give enough attention to your health and spend some time with your loved ones to enjoy the bliss for which you are working so hard. Home based businesses are different from the usual office work. In office, over work to please the boss, get a promotion and get higher salaries become the carrots that allure you to become a workaholic. However, at home the case is different. You have the zeal to prove the world that your decision to take up a home based business line was right.

Those in home based business strive hard to get more clients, do more business and earn more money. The stress on them is a bit higher as there are no separate departments or lots of people to take care of things. Everything has to be done alone, and this creates undue pressure and slowly the person turns into a workaholic. However, at some time you need to draw a line or you may face serious consequences and won't be able to enjoy the pleasure of what you earn.

It is highly important to strike a balance between work and fun coz it's a truth after all that we all know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. But, here its not just dullness that you will be fighting from, but also stress and a wide variety of stress related diseases. To help you stay away from such problems and ensure that you lead a normal and healthy life, I propose a guide in the form of "Workaholics - The Modern Internet Business Insight".




Overcome Dating Fear And
Get The Go-Getter Attitude!

Date-O-Phobia - How to Overcome the Fear contains everything starting from basics to the right body language that can be used to attract men and women. For men, understanding woman and what they actually want is tough. Same is the case for women too, some women don't understand what they should do and how they should behave to get the attention of the man they want.

This e-book helps people facing the problem of Date-o-Phobia, over their fear of dating and get more confident. Developing self confidence and attitude has to come from within. The "Date-O-Phobia - How to Overcome the Fear" acts as a guide to tell people what they should do and what they must avoid doing to ensure that you are successful in the game of dating.

It explains the importance of safe dating and tips on how you can safely date without giving or picking any wrong signals. You must always be careful while meeting a man/ woman for the first time. Even while you are dating online, there are some important things that you must always keep in your mind to safeguard your safety.


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